Ms. Karen, B.S., LCAS-A


Ms. Karen, B.S., LCAS-A is a highly respected early childhood educator. She has a Child Development Associate and received her bachelor’s degree in Family Life Education and has held positions as a program director for children with moderate cognitive disorders, Infant-toddler and Pre-K teacher for high-risk children, home visitor, parent educator and so much more.

She owned and operated a childcare facility for many years where she trained teachers to identify early signs of disability and delay in young children and modeled how to best teach them.

Ms. Karen returned to school to pursue a master’s degree in Addiction Counseling. She became a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist to provide clinical services to families who struggle with addiction and mental health. She helps mothers and fathers who suffer with addiction understand and properly care for their children. 

 Ms. Karen is known for her creativity and has an endless supply of knowledge and activities that are sure to help parents score goals with their child’s cognitive, social-emotional, physical/motor, and language development!

She believes children thrive in natural environments where parents and caregivers are well-informed on the child’s individual needs and are empowered to meet those needs. Her favorite quote is, “Children are the heritage of the Lord.”

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